Burkie sings at Luctonians

And raises an amazing £1020

Saturday 30th November 2019

Immediately following Luctonians’ win against Preston Grasshoppers at Mortimer Park, the clubhouse, packed with Lucs, Hoppers, Eves (whose 2nds were playing our 3rds) and their supporters, together with some crazed bunch from Tenby wearing red baseball caps, were treated to some of the finest singing ever to be heard at Mortimer Park.

Burkie (in borrowed cap) and musical accompanyment.

Recently, at an U16s South Africa Tour fundraising event, #BurkieTheBaker pulled a Singing Lessons prize from the hat and decided that he would put his win to good use. So, despite still recovering from a very serious illness, he gave his all, in front of a packed clubhouse, with a collection in support of the Under 16s #SouthAfrica2020 Tour. He’d already raised £500 on the promise. Some claimed, well just #TomoTheBuilder actually, that this was a promise to keep his mouth shut. Yes, the very same Tomo that totally overlooked our sponsors Avara Foods, when introducing the table occupants during the pre-match lunch.

By the end of the evening, that total had risen to an incredible £1020.

Brilliant! Well Done #BurkieTheBaker

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