North Midlands RFU Colts Cup

Sunday 6th May 2018

Luctonians RMS Colts 20 v 19 Hereford Colts

Lucs Colts bring home the North Midlands RFU Stan Whitfield Cup

(Extract from Lucsline 10th May 2018)

It is not often that a win in the manner and of the importance of the 1st XV effort last Saturday (5 May) could be matched by any other activity going on at the club, but last weekend our RMS Colts did just that.

In their North Midlands Cup Final against Hereford, it would be fair to say our lads went into the game as slight underdogs last Sunday, but underdogs is a tag we relish at this club.

A very tense affair ensued and our boys found themselves 19-10 down midway through the second period.

A massive travelling band of support for the second consecutive day, with many supporters doing both trips, were hugely vociferous, but the most hardened Luctonian must have been starting to worry as Hereford were applying more pressure and threatening to take the game out to a three score lead.

But our lads, like the 1st team before them, held firm, got a score against the run of play with an excellent finish from Cameron Gough and then got the fortune they needed as the clock ticked down. For Lions over thrown lineout [in the 1st XV game], read Hereford kicking the ball down the middle of the field instead of off it once time was up.

Our boys then earned penalty after penalty during six or seven minutes of overtime, with two of the opposition going to the bin, before finally in a carbon copy of Meredith the day before, Rob Bengry powered in at the corner to take the game 20-19 at the death.

Again if you haven’t seen this do yourself a favour and follow this link to hear the Mortimer Park masses erupt. Huge credit to Greg Halligan for capturing both moments from both games in such clarity. Roger Sweetman also has some excellent photos available here, of Lucs third win over the Wyesiders in eight days (after our 3rds beating their 2nds and our U15s winning the North Mids Plate against them).

Congratulations to the RMS Colts players as well as the support staff and coaches Brett Prior and Tom Dines. Only the second time in our long history we have taken the North Midlands Colts Cup.

You know when the other was?
Under Norm and George Thomas, during the 2014-15 season, where as fate would have it our 1st XV also stayed up with a final day win over Leicester Lions, in the most well attended game we have seen at Mortimer Park.