Tuesday 30th June 2020


It’s going to be a gently, gently approach but, from Thursday 9th July we will be open for Takeaways as before, but also in-house burger menus on the Friday and Saturday, together with a roast on the Sunday. More details will follow shortly.

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Thursday 25th June 2020


The Clubhouse bar will be opening back up on Thursday 9th July, as well as Friday 10th, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th. Details will be released closer to the date, but your club will be back open for business for food and drink, even if not quite entirely as we are used to.

Sunday 14th June 2020


As from Monday 15th June. as well as members being able to book Cricket nets, instead of two people, one from each household, being able to meet in the open whilst social distancing, the following now applies:
The following may now attend:
• Any individual member
• Any number of people who live in the same household
• A small group of members from different households, but STRICTLY no more than 6 in total at a time and Social Distancing MUST be maintained

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Friday 29th May 2020


We have all received the welcome news from the Government of the move to start allowing more people to meet up in outdoor venues as of Monday 1st June. In terms of how this affects us as a club and our strategy for reopening, we will review and communicate out in the coming days/weeks, but for now club activity will be kept to the following;

As of Monday 1st June, if any club members (includes households of members/mini/junior players) wish to use the outdoor pitch space at Mortimer Park, to exercise, practise their sport (kicking at posts for example), play games as a family, picnic, sunbathe or meet up with one member meeting up with ONE person from another household, they may do so, but must adhere to strict guidelines. Please click the Link below for full details.

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Monday 6th April 2020


Luctonians on total Lockdown until at least 1st June

In terms of access to the club and usage of the facilities, at present our revised date of no activity taking place at Mortimer Park has been extended to the end of May. This coincides with the decision the club has made to furlough the full-time staff at the club for that same period. As such please don’t expect any of the guys and girls you would normally contact for various bits of information to be available between now and the end of May. It also means that there will be no sporting activity at Mortimer Park until at least the beginning of June, with no exceptions.

Our Facebook Page activity will continue throughout this period.

This information will be reviewed and amended as appropriate, but for now we will not be hosting any sporting gatherings. This also means please refrain from going down and using the gym or cricket nets. These are off limits as is the rest of the club at this time.

Unfortunately due to the ongoing situation we have taken the inevitable decision to cancel the Sundogs Festival for 2020 as well as the end of season dinners for all age groups and senior rugby sides. As we know the Avara Foods TagFest  already went by the wayside, as has the Minis Tour and Anglo-Welsh Mini Festival. The entire seasons for the summer sports look in major jeopardy, so as you can see the effects of this virus continue to have wide-ranging implications on the activities of our little community club.


Friday 20th March 2020



The RFU had today announced that it has called a halt to the 2019/20 season. There is no change to any other information published on our website. For full details of the announcement, please CLICK HERE

There is no change to the previous information published on this page.


Monday 17th March 2020


The following is an update on the current situation at the club after the announcements of the government and RFU yesterday regarding the Coronavirus pandemic.



Rugby at all levels across the country, including training, fixtures and coaching courses has been suspended until at least the 14th April 2020. Specifically related to Lucs this means that the following is all suspended with immediate effect:

Senior Men’s Rugby
 All fixtures including 1st XV National League
All training, encompassing 1st XV, 2nd XV, 3rd XV, U21s and Colts rugby

Mini and Junior Rugby
All activity, including training and fixtures from U6-U16 inclusive

Ladies Touch and Womens Rugby
All training and fixtures

Regarding the rugby itself and the questions many of you will have – When are these games to be played? Is the season going to be finished? How will league placings be decided if games are not played? For now we simply do not know answers to any of these questions but we will be in touch just as soon as we have any further information on this from the governing body or NCA in relation to the 1st XV.


As far as our approach goes as a club, we will continue to prepare as if rugby is recommencing on 14th April as currently dictated to us, however unlikely that may be. So for now we will be travelling to Huddersfield on April 18th and hosting Tynedale on April 25th in 1st XV fixtures, but this information and approach could well change in the coming weeks.


Tours and Festivals

We have had to cancel the Avara Foods Tagfest (March 25th), the Minis Tour (4th/5th April) and the Anglo-Welsh Mini Festival (19th April).

Fixture Related Events

The Hospitality Tables Days planned for the 21st March and 4th April are postponed at this point in time. We will be in touch directly with information for all those affected by these postponements. Also cancelled is the End of Season Charity Bash which was to follow the game on 4th April.

Other Sports

Following the announcement of the government yesterday, we will be applying the same logic to our other sporting offerings at Mortimer Park as we have to the rugby, so until at least April 14th, all other activity is off, with no exceptions. This includes:

Junior and Senior Cricket
Junior and Senior Rounders
Junior and Senior Netball
Croft Ambrey Running Club
This information will be reviewed and amended as appropriate, but for now we will not be hosting any sporting gatherings.

Club Access information and Other Events

Again following the government’s advice yesterday, the full time staff at the club will be asked to work predominantly from home over the coming weeks up until at least the 14th April. Club phones should be diverted to mobiles so contact should remain in place and all will be available by email as per normal.

We would ask all members to please avoid coming to the club during this time unless told differently. We have a responsibility to play our part in minimising the spread of this virus within our community so please adhere to this.

Our bar and catering facilities will be shut during this period as well so please cancel any meetings that you may have had scheduled at the club during this time.

At present the 200 Club Draw is still set to go ahead, as the draw can be held remotely and does not necessarily need to be done at a home game. We will keep you updated on this in due course.

At present the May Ball looks set to be postponed to a later date in the year, but again we will be in touch with details of this for those with tables booked.

Sundogs Festival is still on at present and let’s all hope by June 19th these measures have all worked and life is somewhat back to normality.


The coming period of time is a huge unknown for all of us. Like almost all businesses world wide Lucs will come under pressure during this outbreak, but so too will almost all of our members, sponsors, supporters and local community.
Remember you are not alone
If any of you are in need of help, as we said with the floods recently, there is a huge community of support in place at Luctonians. You are not on your own. Whether it be somebody looking for help in getting supplies to vulnerable individuals, people looking for work after being laid off or on the other side of it, people looking for workers, after travel restrictions on migrant workers and increased peaks in some industries, we are happy to act as the intermediary at the club. Lucsline will be kept to an information piece over the coming weeks whilst we see this time out. But please get in touch if you can help or need help.


Monday 16th March 2020



Following government advice, the RFU has suspended all rugby activity in England, at both professional and community level.

 This includes club training, matches and rugby education courses. The situation will be reviewed on 14th April. Clearly this also means that this Saturday’s Tables Day (21st March) will no longer go ahead.

An announcement will soon be made in respect of other club sports and events.


Friday 13th March 2020


The current advice we are receiving from the RFU is to continue playing fixtures and training as normal, with those suffering from prolonged coughs and fevers to self isolate, as per the government advice to the nation on 12th March.

For all those attending the club over the coming days and weeks we would simply encourage you to manage your personal hygiene, wash your hands and obviously stay away from the club if you have any concerns over whether you may have picked up the virus. We’d also ask if you can let your relevant team manager know if you or your son/daughter has come into contact with anyone who may have it, so as we can then pass this information on to the rest of that individual’s team.

At present the Avara Foods Tagfest, Anglo-Welsh Mini Festival and Minis Tour are all going ahead as planned in the coming weeks and months, as are any 1st XV games, associated lunches and events such as the Gold Cup Day Lunch today. If we receive further information or advice that changes this we will of course communicate this out to members and across our social media platforms as soon as is possible.