Luctonians RFC
10  v  7

Saturday 8th February 2020

By Geoffers


    Any thoughts of another 5 pointer were dashed when Hull claimed a precious win against the misfiring Black and Whites in this mid table clash. The win propelling Hull towards safety and, with Lucs only gaining a valuable bonus point, it keeps them in the tense battle for safety.

Pre match it was the Tallis Amos Tables Day and a full house had to endure the nonsense from our very own English Born Welsh Ginger MC for the day, David “Dickie” Davies. Whilst ignoring his own patriotic fervour he, I gather, took to giving all with a Gallic sounding surname plenty of stick about their heritage, our apologies to Le Galliers de Leintwardine who appear to have been on the  end of most of it. Patrick Wrixon from the The Cart Shed, one of our chosen charities, brought some sense into the proceedings, as guest speaker.

Outside all was calm, albeit drafty, as the Welsh farming community had left all the gates open again and the wind a-blowing was coming straight down the park once again. It looked like we might get a repeat type of game to last week v Sheffield Tigers. Coach Ryan did comment that it might be a toss worth winning pre kick off. Knocker and Smithy had been busy with Storm Ciara promising a gusty Sunday and had dropped all the posts on adjoining pitches. They were both armed with sockets, spanners, hammers and shovel to take the main pitch poles down as soon as the final whistle was blown, that’s if they hadn’t blown down before the game finished.

Early preamble in the stand was that the Wombles were angling for an apology from myself. Last week’s broken glass was swept up in record time after the game and not left until Wombling Wednesday by Tobermory. I gather they also weren’t sure if they have a female member, I think secretly they might, and they again weren’t sure that if they had, should she be known as a Wombless, a SheWomble or just plain Lady Womble. I would kind of like it she is called Madame Cholet. Look it up, I had to.

Programme notes again showed we had Cameron Turner in the starting XV. At this rate he will have earnt himself a Club Tie for appearances whilst basking the other side of the pond in Canada. Cameron Tawfik next week, please Haydn! Cam was heard to be looking at changing his name by deed poll to ensure he gets his own neck piece early.

The game kicked off, and what a nervy and feisty one it was too, with both sides being guilty of mistakes early on, which neither capitalised on when in good positions. Lots of knock-ons and passes not going to hand in the difficult wind, which Hull had to their backs in the first half. Lucs spurned the opportunity of early penalty points, choosing to kick to the corner for a line out drive or a scrum under the posts. But Hull were defiant, keeping them at bay, and early points went a begging.

Simon Humberstone, for Hull, eventually broke the deadlock after 20 minutes, when he scored from a penalty on almost their first foray into Lucs’ territory, the home side having been penalised for not rolling away. They added to their tally almost straight from the restart, when Robin Watts somehow managed to touchdown among a melee of players, to give them added advantage; with Humberstone adding the extras.

Luctonians were playing the better rugby and, with ball in hand, their back row looked dangerous on many occasions. However, their only points of the half came from a quick tap penalty when  Louis Silver put Drew Cheshire away, and a deft passing movement with Josh Watkins saw Frank Kelly free to score under the posts. This was even more poignant as Frank, free from his media duties when he was interviewed by the NCA Rugby magazine in the week, scored on what was his 100th appearance for the Black and Whites, well done Frank. Louis Silver converted and the teams went in half time with Hull in the lead.


Half Time Score
Luctonians  7  v  10  Hull


Half time and another request to not mention the score from the Wales v Ireland game. Very patriotic these Welsh sorts, and I was happy to oblige on the mike, but can they not kick off later or play on a Sunday? Next time I might have to be fair to England supporters who do enjoy a laugh. [He did tell me through my earpiece though, and I chortled. Ed. Flag: Ireland on Messenger The Luctonians Sports Club Charity Group were on the raffle tickets, raising monies for good causes and we thank them again for their efforts.

The second half was played mostly in Hull’s half, with Lucs now having the wind behind them; although it had dropped significantly, and they were canny in their play keeping possession and denying Lucs the ball for long periods. A few decisions made by the officials caused confusion for both sides and didn’t help the game flow with mistakes a plenty.

Dias, for Hull, came on as a replacementon on 50 minutes, and immediately returned to the bench with a yellow card for foul play in his first minute on the field, was it head butt? can’t be sure but if it was, he was lucky. It didn’t stop Hull though, as they added their second try following a flowing move in one of their few visits to Lucs half. Mike Adlard touched down, with Humberstone again adding the extras to lead 7-17.

Lucs kept pressurising but were unfortunate when a Rob Lewis kick and chase, closely followed by Frank Kelly, rolled over the dead ball line before either player could get a hand on the ball for a touchdown. And, despite opportunities, Lucs struggled to gain any momentum with Hull cleverly playing keep-ball and denying the home side possession. Louis Silver did kick a penalty after 70 minutes to give Lucs a valuable bonus point but, despite the excellent home support again willing the Black and Whites on at every opportunity to get over the line, Hull’s defence saw them gain a valuable win.


Full Time Score
Luctonians  10  v  17  Hull


Luctonians Man of the Match

Seb Robinson


Referee: Mr Lloyd Davies
[Chortle. Sorry Sir. Ed. Flag: Ireland on Messenger ]


Luctonians Scorers

Try:   Frank Kelly (27)

Conv: Louis Silver (28)

Pen: Louis Silver (70)


Hull Scorers

Tries: Watts (23), Adlard (59)

Convs: Humblestone (24, 61)

Pen: Humblestone (21)



Josh Watkins, John Morris, Drew Cheshire, Rob Lewis, Frank Kelly, Will Burton, Louis Silver; Tom Furnival, Callum Young, Joe White, Conor Turner, Owien Harriott-Davis, Cameron Tawfik, Seb Robinson, Sam Jones


Dan Powell, Guy Kirkby, Max Hill, Ollie Allsopp, Charlie Meredith



Tanamui, Adlard, Heard, Johnson, Birch, Humblestone, Watts; Beech, Thomson, Jobling, Curry, Regardsoe, O’Donnell, Hall, Makaafi


Dias, Boothman, Cowen, Harding, Naylor


Click to enlarge – on the day, Connor Deignan was replaced by Dan Powell


So, it’s Otley away next week. “Where is it?” Greggers asks. North, but not North North, somewhere near Leeds. [He needs to get back in under two hours, but says that shouldn’t be a problem. Ed.] Sitting still below Lucs in the league and needing points, Otley will be sure to provide us with a stern test on their own cabbage patch. If you are travelling, the Alacadoos can be contacted if you want their company, contact Huw Davies for details (01568 708540).

Either way if you are going to be there be sure to make some noise and bang those bloody boards. Me? Sorry won’t be going, having a Valentine’s weekend away with “me Doris” with a romantic break in Swindon. Yes,  Swindon. Can’t say I’ve ever seen ‘Romantic Swindon’ mentioned in any Mills and Boon epic I have read.
[I’m sure that Greggers will be relieved not to have someone screaming in this front passenger seat. Just sayin’. Ed.]

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