There are numerous ways your business can be involved with Luctonians, both big and small.

If club sponsorship sounds a bit daunting and expensive, how about player sponsorship? For £175 + VAT for the season you and your business can help with the development of the club while benefiting from the following:

  1. Tweet with mention / link & logo on Twitter if he’s man of the match (we have over 2300 followers)
  2. Facebook post with link & logo on if he’s man of the match (we have over 2600 ‘Likes’)
  3. Pre-match Powerpoint (not only regular punters but guests to our pre-match table days will see this – our table days throughout the season are sold out and we usually cater for 270 guests at these functions)
  4. Programme mention (we shift a fair few of these every match day)
  5. Featured on the individual player profile page on website (we get over 600 hits a week to our new website)
  6. If he is man of the match you will benefit from additional exposure with a featured post on our website home page

If this is something you are interested in, we have the following 1st XV players seeking sponsorship. Simply pick one and get in touch with us – please contact “Smithy”

Tel (01568) 709 080 or email

tom-dodd steve-price  kyle-garner kailus-hutchinson

conor-geraghty cameron-tawfik ben-fowles george-cataniou

adam-knight mike-cheasley

There are also other sponsorship packages available – have a look what’s on offer on our dedicated ‘Sponsorship‘ page.