Joff Bemand

Joff Bemand

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The youngest of the three Bemand brothers, Joff’s contribution to Lucs over the last decade has been huge both on and off the pitch. Having made his 1st XV debut back in 2006, Joff should have featured much more prominently for the premier side over the years but for a continuous string of serious injury after serious injury preventing him. Thankfully in the last two seasons his body has held together and he has gone on to challenge for the hooker spot in the First Team squad on occasions whilst becoming a figure-head and natural leader within the 2nds. Last season he featured in two crucial wins over Broadstreet and Stockport, before going on to back-up Jordan Street and Dale Garner successfully on several occasions already this season. Joff’s regular bread and butter, however, has been the role he has played within the leadership trio of the Second Team, where he has been the real brain power amidst the energy of Rob Crowley and the passion of Tom Dines, becoming an integral part in the success of this squad over recent seasons.
Over the years Joff has really adapted his game, to the point where he is now like having another backrower on the pitch, such is his work rate in support and the number of tackles he makes around the park. As a born and bred Luctonian who has played at the club since the age of 8, his care for the club and his knowledge of the values that our teams are built on is exceptional. Off the pitch he is always at the centre of any socials that are ongoing, is one of the few still able to lead an old-fashioned sing-a-long and will reliably be one of the last in the bar at Mortimer Park, whatever the occasion. A proper clubman I would put money on Joff continuing in some capacity at the club, long after his creaking shoulder decides to give way.