Luctonians actively promote the recruitment, development and support of qualified referees at all levels of the game


The rapid growth in popularity of rugby and developments in its laws such as the recent Experimental Law Variations (ELVs) for the senior game mean we have to constantly assess and improve our ability to referee the game. After all, without the man in the middle there would be no game and no club!

Youth players are encouraged to take their entry level refereeing award (ELRA) and those who wish to have a go at refereeing are given the opportunity to start refereeing in the younger age groups. After some practice and coaching many of them go on to officiate at their respective schools.

Referee Contact


Alex Smith (Co-ordinator) – 01568 709 080 / 07814 638 084

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Referee Development


The RFU provide a range of continuous referee development awards (CRDA)
If you would like any courses put on at the club please contact Hugh Black
For more information click the link above

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